7-9-17 9:00 AM EST: While the left still wallows in relative swift suicide, the Trump administration marches on, much to the hypercritical, hypocritical, leftist press, who keep attempting to press buttons not wired to anything positive.

Some on the right though, pretend to be focused on only the positive, after castigating the Obama admin for the past 8 years, tacitly trying to have Hillary voted in by voting for anyone but Trump, and either criticizing him right along with the left, or completely ignoring all political things in favor of the ssstrictly positive. I guess not even a stopped clock is right twice a day, or even twice every half year for that matter.

Uh huh, they were wrong, and still are wrong, but wrongness, along with misery, loves company. It's groupthink, and after 8 years of being right, followed by 1 year of being wrong, politics is now passé? Well of course it is. It's just that the far left is staying with their Trump hatred. The far (or whatever it is) right now wants to change, or at least, severely narrow, the subject. Like the left, they can't acknowledge one iota of positive from this President. Perhaps they're now perfectly comfortable with what he's doing and how things are going, and that subject silence speaks volumes on their bereft behalves.

Good morning! It's a beautiful day! Enjoy it! I've had my little say, and you can have yours!





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