6-27-17 8:34 AM EST: Much to the chagrin of Nevertrumper-trumpettes, Mark Levin has written a new book, but that's not really what bothers them. What seems to bother them is that he's been saying positive things about Donald Trump, and that'll never dooo!


One of those positive things is how he likes the way in which Pres Trump has taken on the media by fearlessly calling them out and slapping them up one side of their fake faces and down the other.

A lot of Nevertrumpers used to idolize Mark Levin until Donald Trump won the GOP primary and Levin announced that he would vote for him. They call sticking by their hate-Trump guns a "principled" stance. Where pragmatic never enters that mathematic. They still stand, kneel, and pine for Cruz even though the actions and statements of Cruz bear no resemblance whatsoever to their own.

I have three name suggestions for these people. Hatetrumpocrats, Hatetrumplicans, and Hatetrumpservatives. Another one might be Hatetrumpsentirefamily and the very air any of them deign to consume. They're consumed with air of another sort, but neither Mark Levin, Mike Lee, nor Ted Cruz are similarly consumed by that poisonous gas.


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