5-19-17 10:17 AM EST: If you could chart the accelerating lunacy of the left it would necessitate an entirely new set of off the charts, charts. You could then step back a few hundred feet and take a snapshot of all that scribbled-on "wall"paper.


Would it be by bar graph, pie, or moving rocket ship chart? I can't decide. Just know that contrary to what you've been taught, pie ain't square, OK? Unless it's pizza made by the lovely and talented, Mrs Brew. Wooooooo!

A very good late morning to you! It's Friday, our high temperature today is projected to be in the 50F range, so if I mow the grass, will be wearing a hoody. I would also be wearing sunglasses since it is also a beautifully sun-shiny day, but my all day every day glasses morph automatically...and they only cost $400.00 too about 4 years ago, so of course I bought two pair of 'em. Wish I could take one pair back and get a refund. Would rather have one pair and another $400.00 these days :-)


How are you and yours this day? Any super terrific Friday Night Music ideas? I haven't started thinking about that yet, other than the question right there. Do not yet feel the pressure. That usually begins in earnest at around 5 PM when Mr Procrastination and I have our friendly Friday afternoon meeting and I typically ask what took him so long to get here and wait for his delayed shoulder shrug.

Have been recording the most interesting political stuff all morning though and here's some of that ♥



Will have some Ted Nugent for you in a little while. His wife too.


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