5-18-17 8:15 AM EST: This is very interesting regarding Robert Mueller being named as Special Counsel to look into Russia interference and related subjects.


Though several from the GOP side have said we do not need a special counsel and that it is a bad idea because of the past runaway nature of those rascals, they nevertheless have said that if we have to have one, they can think of no better than Robert Mueller.

Will play two videos below from this morning. One from Bill Bennett, who fits the "think of no better" category, then a 180 degree turn with Louie Gohmert, who comes quite close to ripping Mueller's head clean off.

By the way, Gohmert is so animated with his facial expressions, it's tough to get a clean screen shot of him. I find that rather entertaining though. Heck, look at the screen shot YouTube assigned to it. I can change that of course, but decided to let it stand. Gohmert's A-OK in my book. Would love it if he would sign that book too. I'd never wash it again :-)



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