5-17-17 8:47 AM EST: "You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel." (Matthew 23:24 NIV) This is one of the verses that comes to mind when reading, watching, and listening to "news" from the left.


The camels they've swallowed daily since 2008 all belonged to Barack Obama, and I mean hump after innumerable hump, a most appropriate metaphor for a Wednesday.

The gnats entail every bit of minutia, or as the plural form of that word goes, minutiae with Trump. There are many no-see-ums buzzing about too, and the reason I call them that, is because they're anonymous sources, desirous of derailing anything and everything even remotely conservative.

Putin is defending the Trump administration while mocking politicians and the media. Last Man Standing is cancelled, and saying "I hope" you can let this go is obstruction of justice?


Had you landed on this planet in 2009 you would assume that the Obama administration and it's "justice" department invented obstruction of justice, then cut it into the "Hope (and change) Diamond" and honed what was left to a fine art!

Here below we have two videos on gnat straining and another about camel swallowing and blind guides.




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