5-10-17 9:07 AM EST: Many of us watched the James Comey show last year when he verbally indicted Hillary Clinton for improperly handling classified government information. He spent several minutes, about 17 actually, giving what appeared to be a combination of opening and closing statements in a trial where he was the prosecutor, after he which he placed a Nevermind-Cherry atop the whole thing.


I recall being on the edge of my seat and hanging on every word, saying to myself, Wow, he's going to indict her! He then, after ripping her head clean off, stitched it back on, right there on live TV! I tried to "suspend disbelief" but just couldn't.

Seems Comey was so interested in not appearing to favor one side or the other, he upset both sides...of course, based on the concise but copious case made by the new Deputy Attorney General, just confirmed a couple of weeks ago 94:6 in the Senate, President Trump fired him.

Newt Gingrich asks the MSM and the Democrats to read that letter from the new Deputy AG. The Deputy AG is that position which is the immediate superior of the FBI Director.

Lots of early morning catch-me-up stuff on this below in video form. Check it out and comment.

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