4-18-17 4:19 PM EST: This speech was even better than I expected it would be. It was touted as the "Buy American, Hire American" speech, after which, President Trump signed an executive order enforcing our nation's efforts to keep American jobs, increase American jobs, and cease the export of so many American jobs. Some of your kids and grand kids might hold some of those jobs soon.


This really was a very good, patriotic speech. Consider listening to it and see if you don't agree. We all know that American made products are almost always better than Chinese or other country's products, and in so many ways...especially these days.

Yeah, but, but, price! Sure you can often pay half as much for a Chinese-made thingamabob, and proceed to replace it three times before your neighbor replaces the same item once that he or she bought which was made in America. As a musician, I know for a fact that most foreign made musical instruments are cheap knock-offs that don't even compare to American made instruments. Oh, they look like the American versions, but that's where the comparison ends.

Check out President Trump from just a few minutes ago in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and comment below.


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