3-20-17 8:10 AM EST: As the Gorsuch confirmation hearings begin today we'll see further confirmation that Democrats have no positive morals or scruples whatsoever. Count on it. We'll also see what marching in goosestep looks like, again. Democrats will attempt to tarnish the character of another good man as they have tried to do so many times before. The topping will be this. Raw sewage in suits throwing mud at decency, and giving a few more hundred thousand Americans yet another reason to flee that party. They're driving droves, and will probably keep it up.


I despise having to lump all Democrats together like this, but they've lumped themselves together like this. I've had nothing to do with it. Have just been watching them very closely for 25 years. Were there some redeemable quality, an iota of anything praiseworthy, I'd bring it up and hang a hope on that hook. The only thing I can bring up with them is last night's supper with a bilious chaser breakfast ejector.


Will try to get a live stream working here for those who'd like to watch this display. Want to hear Gorsuch's opening statement too, but that might take a while. Members of the committee holding this hearing will each receive 10 full minutes to speak and spew. Perhaps Gorsuch will get a word in edgewise by noon, but it might be 2 or 3 PM before he speaks.

Anyway, good morning! Happy first day of Spring! Two videos below from this morning regarding Gorsuch and this confirmation kick-off.



Here's the C-SPAN link 11 AM EST.


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