2-17-17 9:05 AM EST: Neither the press nor the people have seen anything like it, and of course I'm talking about Trump's 77 minute press conference yesterday. I watched the entire thing and was recording it too, but my video recording file size reached a limit and cut me off not too far from the end. However, the White House has a nice YouTube channel and is great about getting out live streams of these events as well as recordings not too long after these events conclude.


But since that press conference the news has been wall to wall about it, playing clip after clip, and just as Trump predicted, the leftwing of that press pool has been splashing around portraying it just as you'd expect and just as Trump predicted.

Basically what Trump did with this solo press conference is stroll in there and repeatedly hand the press what looked exactly like each of their asses. Here's one for you, another for you, oh, and three for you, CNN.

One thing Trump said is that Reince Priebus has been spending way too much of his time responding to and putting out fake fires kindled by these press-asses.

First, we have Reince Priebus from this morning followed by more good new stuff. Will go ahead and put that entire press conference in here too in case you missed some of it and would like to see it.

Here's Bill Bennett from this morning.

Jeanine Pirro

And here's that press conference in full.


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