2-16-17 4:27 PM EST: Another good show today which concentrates a lot on the apparent war between the leftwing media and the Trump administration, with several whining and hyperbolic soundbites for illustration purposes.

Also, towards the end of today's program, Klavan deals with the advice he gave a self-proclaimed Christian yesterday who was asking his opinion on premarital sex, along with the answer he gave. He got a lot of angry objections to that advice.

I too received some pushback within that thread by saying how much I had enjoyed that particular program. So Klavan elaborates a little, and includes at least one point that I brought up too regarding the word translated as fornication. He also adds a few other points regarding other issues people assume are biblically verboten, like polygamy.

At the very end, in the "things I like" section he fades out with a song and musician I very much like and have played here before, along with several other songs by the same musician.

In addition, since the main topic here is the press and the Trump admin's reaction to it, I'm going to include the latest Right Angle which Scott Ott hosts on the same subject.



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