2-16-17 8:30 AM EST: Yesterday we spoke about the possbility that the blood Democrats smell in the water could be their own. Andrew Klavan also revealed via news audio clips how over the top and beyond the pale their reporting about Mike Flynn and Russia has been.


Reminded me of how to get to Grandma's house, though rather than over the top and beyond the pale, I've typically gone over the river and through the woods...so perhaps their destination is another place. The destination for the leakers though, should they be discovered, will be prison, and their journey has already begun.

Obama holdovers? Obama himself? Democrat toadies in the mold of Lois Lerner? Intel workers with the mindset that a President works for them? I think the President would like to snag these leakers and hang 'em up to dry in a cell. So would I. Would the Democrats in Congress like to see just who these people are and where their loyalties lie? How might they spin that? Probably by launching into a new game of pin the tail on the 'scapegoat'...right, Pelosi?

Here's Andrew Napolitano and Erick Erickson on this from earlier this morning. The picture insert is a Trump Tweet from this morning.



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