2-14-17 10:51 AM EST: Several leading members of the GOP controlled House came out today and gave a press conference which we have in full below.


They began discussing repealing and replacing Obamacare with market-based solutions. Some of them also wished their spouses a Happy Valentine's Day, but the thrust of this presser is to let people know that they are indeed moving full steam ahead with what so many of them were elected to do, i.e., keep their promises.

After the individual member statements were made, including Paul Ryan's, questions were asked while Ryan was still at the podium, and they all had to do with Michael Flynn and his resignation last evening.

First, that news conference, then how the GOP House wants to investigate Intel leaks as well as how Democrats smell blood in the water and are circling their toothy shark wagons to rip as much red meat from this Flynn-Russian situation as possible.




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