2-9-17 8:55 AM EST: How do they sicken me? Let me count the ways. 1, 2, 3...infinity! Remember what Joe Biden said during the 2012 presidential election? He said, and I paraphrase, "They gonna put ya'll back in chains!" Of course he was lying and using hyperbole within the lie in typical Democrat fashion.


Those same Democrats who repeat crap like that, actually put anyone who is guilty of being black and a Republican at the same time into ideological and social chains. They also whip them with pejoratives, sell their children down the river, and abhor it when they deign escape that Democrat plantation other black people labor haplessly in and under for scraps! EVERY black man must be a Democrat and let them do the thinking and politicking for them, whether that politicking be against them or not. Old Man River must carry them along while they carry him along!

How dare Tim Scott escape! How dare Allen West or any other black man escape! The sellouts call them sellouts. The modern slaves call them slaves. The cotton pickers accuse them of picking cotton for the white man while they pick cotton and lick the shoes of their Democrat masters 24/7 decade after regressive retrograde decade.

Yowza Massa! Yowza Massa! We won't let any black peoples escape Massa!...and that's what we've done for you early. often, and lately, say the 90+ % of black people who call escapees from the Democrat plantation, Uncle Toms, House Negroes, and worse!

To the Democrats, nothing a Republican does for the black person is good, and nothing a Democrat does to them is bad. They are every bit chained as their great, great, grand parents were. Only now they are wielding those chains and whips themselves, seeking one more black person to bind and scourge!

Scum and then some? Sure...with much more scum where that scum comes from. DNC central.



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