10-2-14 3:22 PM EST: Will Turkey be in charge of the new Caliphate/Ottoman Empire? A step in that possible direction was taken today as the Turkish Parliament has now voted and approved the sending of ground troops into Syria and Iraq, ostensibly to fight ISIS in both countries. I wonder if they'll be wanting to hold and control territory captured from them. And what about the Kurds? This should unfold rather interestingly.


Some think that what Turkey really wants to do is take out Assad "while they're there". Another part of this new vote/agreement is that Turkey will now allow the U.S. to use some of their military bases inside of Turkey. That will help the U.S. respond more rapidly to events since they wouldn't have to fly from aircraft carriers. Retired Captain, Chuck Nash is also in the video below with Shannon Bream, and Greg Palkot, on location in Turkey.

Turkey approves military operations in Iraq, Syria

ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey's parliament approved a motion Thursday that gives the government new powers to launch military incursions into Syria and Iraq and to allow foreign forces to use its territory for possible operations against the Islamic State group.

Parliament voted 298-98 in favor of the motion which sets the legal framework for any Turkish military involvement, and for the potential use of Turkish bases by foreign troops.

Meanwhile, the militants pressed their offensive against a beleaguered Kurdish town along the Syria-Turkey border.

The assault, which has forced about 160,000 people to flee across the frontier in recent days, left Kurdish militiamen scrambling Thursday to repel Islamic State extremists pushing into the outskirts of the northern Syrian town of Kobani, also known as Ayn Arab.

Turkey, a NATO member with a large and modern military, has yet to define what role it intends to play in the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State group.



Here's Col. Hunt weighing in on Fox Business network


Here is how CNN reported this.

The U.K. is getting more into the ISIS act too.

RAF Tornado squadron saved from the scrap heap to bomb Isil

"David Cameron announces that No 2 squadron, comprising 16 Tornados, will no longer be disbanded in March as it will help with airstrikes in Iraq."


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