Road trip! Headin’ down South for the weekend! South Michigan that is, to spend more time with my wife. Oh yeah(!)…and we’ll be out and about, as so many others are now able to be. Doing things that used to be ‘old hat’.

My Son stopped by the house today and fixed one of the blinkers on my car while he was here. I even hugged him. What!? Yep! I did

Thankful for the simple things. A meal out on the town. Maybe a martini. A cookout on the back deck with a couple of friends over. Just more of the old that is new once more. My marriage is 32, but also new. We’ll be celebrating that too.

Even your old job is kind of new if you had to leave it for a while. Like the old adage, “everything old is new again”. Fresh and exciting! We appreciate them. The things, people, and activities we lost for a while, now so happily found. That proverbial absence which makes the heart grow fond. Wanting satisfied by getting. Missing relieved by reunion.

Have you been out and about? Found what you’d lost? Perhaps you’ve rediscovered what you long took for granted. Finding treasure in your own backyard. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and more, within yourself and others. Assigning the proper worth to things, events, and people. They’re just plain good, but there’s nothing plain about them, or you, or me.