11-11-17 11 AM EST: Good morning, precious and treasured friends. 99 years ago, at 11 AM, the 11th day of the 11th month, the WWI Armistice was signed in a private railroad car, and "the war to end all wars" came to a close. Armistice day, later changed to Veteran's Day to honor all veterans from all wars as well as peacetime service.


Like most, I never experienced the heat of battle. I graduated from High School in 1980. Luck of the draw I suppose. So I can only try and begin to understand what so many went through during America's several wars, beginning with that of Independence, commanded by General George Washington.

Oh, to be able visit those heady days, as our forefathers challenged the most powerful nation on Earth for our freedom and individual rights. To be able to witness but some of those singular acts of bravery and fortitude, which collectively siezed so many days...including the one we're still living, and can wake and witness today.


We've a wonderful heritage of lessons learned, righted wrongs, and victories multiplied. Might we change some things were that ability granted? Probably so. Yet each generation rose to each succeeding occasion the best way they knew how. Men, Women, and even Children.

I am very proud of my country. Proud of it's successes. Humbled by lessons learned...and so much in awe of so many millions of individuals, and what they did, felt, sacrificed, overcame, and ultimately accomplished.


This Veteran's Day 2017, perhaps the one word which draws nearest to appropriate expression is this...SALUTE!

Always and forever.



And this, a vintage salute to veterans, produced in the latter 1950's prior to the Vietnam War. It's very good.


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