10-25-17 11:13 AM EST: His job/assignment was to look out for those men in his task force. They landed in Laos, where they technically were not supposed to be. It was a top secret mission.


This gallant man, without regard for his own safety, retrieved many, many men, and treated approximately 70 of them, keeping them alive. At times carrying a wounded brother using one arm while shooting at the enemy with the other.

Due to the top secret nature of this mission, he was not allowed to talk to anyone about it for 45 years...but those who were there with him, many of whom had their lives saved by him, wouldn't let it go. They kept pushing and petitioning for him to receive this medal, along with the highest thanks a grateful nation can bestow.

First, Gary Michael Rose in his own words from this morning. Next, the full ceremony from Monday. SALUTE!



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