8-9-17 9:05 AM EST: Do you appreciate the no-nonsense attitude, articulation, and delivery style of Sebastian Gorka? I do...and yesterday President Trump attempted to speak in a language North Korea's Kim might understand. He said Fire, fury, and power.


A little later North Korea threatened an attack on Guam. How sane would that be? Well, it would be sane of the "in" variety if you catch my drift.

In the meanwhile,  Air Force fighters flew into Guam with the hashtag #fighttonight. Yep. "Ready to fight tonight".


Will start with the latest statement from "T Rex" Tillerson, made from his plane which was enroute to Guam. Then move on to the video with Sebastian Gorka speaking briefly on the latest Paris terror event before turning almost exclusively to North Korea, how insignificant they are, along with how stupid they would be to test this White House, this President, and this military. He says we are no longer a Super Power. We are a Hyper Power.



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