7-22-17 1:14 PM EST: A little earlier today, alongside Governors, the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Gerald R. Ford's daughter, thousands of crew members, and the ship's new Captain, President Trump gave a speech and commissioned the new aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford.


This is really cool! The ship is the largest, most lethal, and technically advanced warship in the world. It weighs 100,000 tons...which is something like a dozen stacked Chris Christie's.

The USS Gerald R Ford will project American strength around the world, and woe to that enemy which finds itself on her target list.

I like what the Secretary of the Navy said before I started recording this video, and I paraphrase: "A former President once said, Speak softly and carry a big stick...Mr President, here is a big stick!"

The deck of this ship measures approximately 5 acres, and the ship is as long as three football fields. Not a good boat to take bass fishing...but excellent for ass kicking.


James Mattis starts off this video with a short introduction to President Trump, who speaks, is followed up by the hoisting of colors, and the Captain ordering the crew to bring her to life.

This ship is expected to serve for 50 years or so, and was built to be expandable and amenable to future technology. SALUTE!

Just imagine being the Captain of this vessel! All the things you would have to know, the trust and responsibilty placed in you. Wow. It's mind-boggling. Let's check him out.


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