6-6-17 9:37 AM EST: Looking back 73 years, that day back in 1944 will remain forever famous and testament to what determined, concerted, concentrated effort can accomplish.


The Allied powers showed the entire world what America and her allies could and did do. This epic series of events demonstrated a number of other things too from a purely American perspective. Among those, the manufacturing prowess of this country at that time. The brave, good, and stern stuff our men and women were made of.

Our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen of WWII knew beyond doubt that we were indeed the Good in this Battle of Good versus Evil, and it's truly amazing what the "good guys" did. It's without parallel in history. SALUTE!

And now some short videos from History.com




And finally, for those who want more, here's a tribute to Major Dick Winters of the 101st Airborne Division, "Easy Company". Just one example of the caliber of people we were blessed to have on our side.


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