5-28-17 10:50 AM EST: The men and women who served in Vietnam are every bit warrior heroes as any member of our armed forces who ever served anywhere! They enlisted, or were drafted as boys. Many became men during bootcamp, but all were no longer boys or girls by the time they left.

Did they return home to tickertape parades? No! And though there is so much to criticize about that war, none of that criticism ought be laid at the feet of the American Soldier, Sailor, or Marine, ever!


They experienced a Hell upon Earth. Saw things they wish to unsee. Lost friends and family they'd give anything to see again.

This is Rolling Thunder, and consists mostly of Vietnam Vets. Warriors who donned America's uniforms as soon as they were asked, volunteered, or ordered to put them on. Did their jobs as best as they were allowed, then took them off as soon as they could after returning to a mostly ungrateful country.

This was and is a great generation too. Wholly separate from those comfortable protesters who protested them rather than placing blame squarely on those deserving such...not them!

As you enjoy Memorial Day weekend festivities, many Vietnam Vets still serve and suffer. If you know one, hoist them up, the best way you know how. They might not know how to receive it, but history shows their ability to handle so much more than that.

To all of our Vietnam Veterans...SALUTE!


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