5-27-17 10:57 AM EST: And a very good late morning to all in click range, on this, day one, of our annual three day weekend! I heard some stats this morning about Memorial Day itself, and one of them is that 818 hotdogs per second will be consumed. Now that's a stat we can relish, right? Hey friends, ketchup, OK? This dog's on a roll. Rrruff!


I'm also cut in half this weekend until later on Monday. This half still in North Michigan, my other half in Texas visiting brother, father, and sisters. So if it seems I'm only firing on 4 cylinders, when "I could've had a V-8", that's my valid excuse. Do I also have a split personality? Yes. No. Yes. Well...maybe.

But It's a sunshiny day in the now great green North. It's 66F right now, so it'll probably hit 68F. The windows are open, the furnace turned off, and birdies are chirping as if contesting for prize. Oh, to have wings...maybe that's why bird sings.


Here are two short Memorial Day history refresher-reminders, and one of them is from the DOD.



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