5-24-17 5:02 PM EST: Easy Company, 101st Airborne, Screaming Eagles! Each member carried an average 70 lbs of equipment. When you add a parachute, it was more like 100 lbs above their own body weight.


The mission? D-Day. Land behind enemy lines, take out four German Howitzers, and prevent them from devastating the troops and crafts landing on the beach. Are they able to do it in the face of overwhelming adversity, and after their best laid plans had already gone horribly awry?


You'll have to watch it yourself if you don't already know. Even if you do, it's still exciting. I was so into it, had watched the entire thing before I realized I didn't have screen shot images from it like I usually do. The Howitzer picture above is one I Yahooed after realizing the video was over. The graphics in the video are much better than this.


Really cool, but it's a Smithsonian Channel full episode, and on those they require you watch it directly from YouTube. So the clickable below will produce a pop-up from this page which will allow you to do just that.

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