4-11-17 4:20 PM EST: Secretary of Defense James Mattis, along with the head of CENTCOM held a press conference a few minutes ago at the Pentagon and spoke about the Syrian chemical attack, our missile response, and the Vinson battle group's relocation orders to proceed towards the Korean peninsula, when subsequently asked about it.


There have been several theories floating around which cast doubt on whether Assad's froces dropped those weapons or not. Secretary Mattis stated that he had reviewed the intelligence personally and stated in no uncertain terms that was indeed the Assad regime which delivered those chemical attacks. No doubts whatsoever about that fact.

The mission to defeat ISIS is still the main mission in that region and is proceeding as planned. He does not believe Russia was involved in those chemical attacks and also does not believe Russia will respond to us militarily. He says Russia tends to act in it's own best interest, and it is clearly not in it's best interest to tangle with us at this time. In addition, he says that communication with Russia is ongoing.

I found this press conference very interesting.


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