11-11-14 10:00 AM EST: As I sit here looking at an empty page as I often do, I’m wondering if I have anything new to say, or if I have the words to describe what’s on my mind and in my heart. Can I get them out in a way that helps whoever reads to look at something in a new way, or come away with something they will remember or think about?

Some things are hard to do. Or well we sometimes think they’re hard. But when it comes down to it, we have the freedom to do it or take the easy way out and do something else. When it comes to important things, things bigger than ourselves - like freedom, helping someone in trouble, or who are being brutalized, it’s easy to give opinions, to write about things going on, but it’s a whole other deal to act and do something.


Approximately 97 percent of people in this country enjoy, live and take for granted everything that about 3 percent of people have given something of themselves to protect. Think about that for a minute.

Whether you believe they have and still fight for our own freedoms is not the point, because we have the freedoms still. Yes we’re losing them, but it’s not because of those in the 3 percent. We are losing them because too many generations of the 97 percent have never had to live in fear of having to see their neighbors being dragged out of their homes and loaded onto cattle cars, never had to be afraid of being murdered by a maniacal and evil dictator because of their religious beliefs, or for speaking criticism out loud.

We’ve never had to have ration cards for food, go without basic necessities, never had to face what people around the world have faced in oppression, persecution, execution, being thrown in gulags, concentration camps, labor camps, reeducation camps, kidnapped and sold into slavery, or beheaded because of our beliefs.

We have 3 percent to thank for keeping us free from that. No matter the reasons why they've done what they did, or do what others still do - no matter what duty they perform, the fact is they gave, and still give in so many ways most of the 97 percent will never think about or understand.

To the Three Percent

Behind a desk
below the decks
a plane needs fixing
Wounds need stitching
No matter the service
you gave some for all of us.

Not all in combat fought
Many have taught
from chaplains prayers said
or keeping troops fed
each an important part
Duty, honor from the heart.

Through skies they glide
in tanks they ride
Beaches taken
Comfort forsaken
Sea, Air, and Land
Rice paddies, tropics, or desert sand

Equipment they carry
Brothers and sisters they bury
Some burdens heavy to bear
from scenes of evil's lair
In a soldier's eyes you see
the cost that keeps us free.

The gray haired are plenty
of different conflicts, too many
too many great passed on
yet with the same spirit they bond
with those who still give
so in freedom we live.

For politics they're used
too many refused
the homeless you see
fought for you and me
you worship stars
yet ignore those with scars.

To care isn't saying,
it's actions displaying
Give back to those who gave
So your peace could be saved
The freedom you get
is because of a Vet.

Honor and respect deserved
for all who have served
whether combat in active war
a price some paid more
or in the scenes behind
Service is still given in time.

Every day thanks and gratitude
should be given with an attitude
that says we care and revere
not just one day of the year
my love for them will never fade
my debt to them can never be paid.

The video is a compilation of photos honoring all who have served in the US Military and is a pictorial poem based on the written original by American Duckie, 2014

To all who have served and those still serving you have my utmost gratitude and respect.

American Duckie



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