It’s full on Christmas Season, friends! 21 days till Christmas Eve! This year though, I’m going to wake up Christmas morning with my wife right here beside me. Yep, we’ve not been together on Christmas for two years, and it would’ve been three if not for this year. I’m very thankful that Tanya’s Mom will be freeing her up from those Uncle responsibilities for several days so she can be with me (!), and probably most of our kids and grandkids. That alone makes this Christmas extra special!

I like ‘ye olde’ Christmas carols, that is, the traditional ones. Some written hundreds of years ago, and many during the first half of the 20th century. Am not into most of the newer ones, but could be convinced by one I’ve not yet heard.

One of the newer ones (relatively speaking) that I like, is of course, by Dan Fogelberg, which goes a little somethin’ like this…


My old love is still my love, thankfully, as is my love of all that old Christmas music. Here’s a link (below) to CBN’s traditional Christian Christmas music.

Traditional Christmas Music

So, since this thread will probably be the most recent one for a few days, enjoy the music with the pop-up Christmas radio, and feel free to post whatever you’d like in the comment section. Use this thread as your Friday Night Music place this weekend too.

My favorite Christmas song…


Here’s the Trump rally live from Georgia. Starts at approximately 7 PM ET.