This weekend I’ll be spending time with my wife and her elderly Uncle. Tanya already knows she prefers the house and town here over the big city. We’ll see how he feels about it. Eventually, or even sooner, he may well need to live here with both of us so we can both work and help him with daily activities. He’s been living where he lives for the past 60 years. Same house too. 

Home and family. New homes and newly discovered family. On Saturday we’ll be visiting our youngest daughter in Gaylord, Michigan. She has a new home we haven’t yet seen due to the Covid restrictions and such. She also usually works over 40 hours a week as a large chain full service restaurant manager. Our grandson Gideon works too…at playing, learning to read, growing, and accompanying Dad from time to time as he grows his own business.

Today Tanya will be driving up here from the southern part of the state, where she’ll be braving the rain. She prefers avoiding the interstate every time but the rain also makes her nervous. Am trusting our Heavenly Father to guide and protect her today as she once again migrates North, to the home we established together many years ago.

God speed and good music, friends. See you soon. Enjoy your weekend too, which begins tonight!