Happy and not so happy May 8th, friends! Believe it or not it was snowing here in Alpena when yours truly woke up this morning and gazed out the kitchen window aghast with Keurig coffee pod in hand. Oh, good grief(!), I said. Granted, it’s North Michigan, but c’mon!

Good grief, and c’mon! Well, one thing good about grief is how Americans react to it. They pick up their metaphoric We’re Not Gonna Take Its and display them like neon body suits. Civil disobedience demanding freedom and justice for all, not just grocery stores, gas stations, and others deemed “essential”. 

One man’s ‘expendable’ is another woman’s ‘essential’, as that Texas salon owner showed this week, while at the same time creating the most effective, justified, bit of advertising ever. That’s some of the good which can come from grief. It puts fires under butts, and makes folks jump up. Good thing she lives in Texas, huh? But people all over this country, and no doubt the world, took notice of that. They noticed the sole dissenter standing in the way of that Chinese tank in Tiananmen Square back in 1989 too, didn’t they?

Of course, everyone knows it’s much safer to buy groceries than pretty much anything else. People can use their common and uncommon sense when perusing places like that. Not so much in any other business. I know, you suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to wash a hog, as do I. Perhaps the Governor of oh, let’s pick a random state, hmmm, Ok, Michigan! I wonder if Whitmer would allow me to open a Hogwash here?


That brings me to, “C’mon!” Enough already! People can use their neck-mounted noggins for more than singular hatracks! No more, Mommy or Daddy, “May I go out to play”, cuz regardless of what you say, we wanna, and we’re gonna, play anyway!

Oh, and speaking of playing anyway, go ahead and play some music. See what I done right there? 🙂

Gimme Three Steps…that’s about six feet, right?