Wow! What a public display of incompetence, that is, at best. A sad excuse for a puppet, whose threadbare marionette strings may or not be attached to that intersecting handheld woodmabob dancing miles above his head. It’s hard to tell. He’s either a bit player in a well orchestrated tragedy, or a crumbling bumbling bee, who can find neither pollen nor competent assisted suicide facilitator. One thing’s for certain, he’s sporting a buzz rarely seen even in the most frequently toxic drunk tanks. We see daily mugshots of him, yet he still has license to drive?

I have but one question I want you to carefully ponder before answering: WTF?

Is this all by design? A managed freefall of the donkey party’s white horse(?) and will they really try to groom and race that vice of theirs? What an unstable stable they’ve cobbled with tangled webs. God help the people still in Afghanistan. The rest of us too.