North Michigan Summers are like lingering shooting stars, meteor showers, and loitering comets. Birthdays which stretch into months. Annual pardons, reprieves, scattered X’s marking multiple getaways for folks fleeing heat, and year round residents welcoming some.

Extreme heat here is 90, and those be few. Lots of 70’s and low to mid 80’s. Big ships, fishing boats, and sail boats. Intense green, strutting seasonal stuff, aware it’s stepping time is fleeting time. So it shows while it can, Bigtime.

It shows what crayons aspire to show. Displays what palettes pretend to know. It kodachromes, kaleidoscopes, and changes to verbs. Inspires weeeeeees, wows, and permanence wishes. It comes to pass, while we beckon it stay. Reminds us of promises placed upon. Gonna do lists, with headings like: “for sure”, “without fail”, and remember to “don’t forget”.

Our Summers might be better than yours, but your Winters could win some points. Fall lives here though, in Splendor, near Spring and Summer, Flip Road, Zip Code, wish you were here mode.