White Supremacists and Antifa Thugs Deserve Each Other!

8-15-14 10:32 AM EST: Since we all lived through the last 9 years we've seen several things, ad nauseum, that the left is 110% hypocrite regarding. One of those is all of the violence they've perpetrated, stoked, and apparently approve of on that side. All of the stores they've burned and police they've killed. The left, and that most definitely includes so much of the media, have been largely supporting and/or tolerant of all that, focusing on the grievances rather than the behavior. They often applaud the destructive behavior.

The squelching of free speech by anyone not marching in tandem lockstep with them. The looting, rioting, bombing, shooting, burning, and breaking. The Occupy movement and their millions of dollars worth of damage. The behavior of the left in Wisconsin by both the rank and file as well as the Democrats who fled the capitol. The millions of dollars in damage done there.

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