Seasons and Life Roll on. Saturday Night Music with Brew.

9-30-17 7:00 PM EST: Well...I like to begin writing sometimes by saying, "Well" makes me feel Reaganesque. Ok, goodnight everybody! Not really.

It was 42F this morning but I had the heat set at 65F so it was ok inside. At about noon I walked out and into the backyard with just a regular pullover longsleeve shirt on. Temps were still in the lower 50's. Today's high is predicted to be 59F. How Fall is that? Latter October or Novemberish if you ask me.

Fall9 30 17

With some of the things I've had going on this past week with my possibly pinched nerve, lower back MRI, and oral surgery, as well as possible spine surgery coming up, I feel the aging process. None of you have ever experienced any of that, have you? I know, it's just me, so indulge if you will. Perhaps the feeling will visit you of these days :-)

As I consider life and the aging proces at 10, 20, and even a full 30 years younger than some who visit here, my first thought is that some of it is wonderful but much of it sucketh. You know, the King James version of sucks.

The empty nest thing is pretty cool, but I miss my kids every day. Not having to worry about providing for them has probably zapped some of my motivation too. I don't take as much care of myself either. Sometimes I even feel like my job is done. Have you ever felt like any of that? "Well", if so, stop it, and I'm talking to me much louder than I be speaking with you.

Fall9 30 17c

Anyway, as I shivered and snapped some pictures in the backyard, it occurred to me, albeit not unusually, and certainly not originally, that the four seasons are like life. If we survive to ripening ages, we all travel through them. Spring, Summer, Falll, and Winter. Some of you are in your own personal Winter...of either content or discontent, which hearkens back to how Charles Dickens began his "Tale of Two Cities". Even so, you still have moments, days, weeks, and even months of personal Spring.

You remember your permanent Springs and Summers though. Some parts fondly, others while shaking your head with regret. Your first several birthdays, dates, kisses, graduation from High School, and posssibly college. Your first or only spouse. That brand new baby which "Wow" and "Oh, my God" can't even begin to describe. The instant indescribable love which flowed...and kept flowing. Flows still...and nothing nor no one, or ten thousand, can stop that. Looking at your wife, if you're a man, and realizing she's a magician/creator creature herself, and seeing that extra special mother thing kick in and stay. She probably saw that Dad thing kick in too.

Heaven must be like Spring after Fall and Winter. How old or young might we be or appear when we get there? I don't know.

Fall9 30 17d

Here is a Bible verse: "For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known." (1 Corinthians 13:12 NIV)...I usually quote the KJV, but the NIV seemed a smidge better here :-)

Some songs began when you lived "permanently" in Spring, and they sprouted within you. Others took root during your Summer and Fall. Some, you only recently discovered while they discovered you, walking through the snow. All of them said what you'd like to say to others. Play those.





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Heavens! A Time Capsule to Fill? Saturday Night Music with Brew!

 9-23-17 7:00 PM EST: I asked Loop d' loop for a Saturday Night Music idea and here's what she said:

"I have a thought, how about a 'Time Capsule'? What you put in a Time Capsule to pass down to your family, friends or children of your life? A song of special meaning, events that happened, a movie that has special meaning, etc?"

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It's That Time of Year and Week! Friday Night Music with Brew!

9-22-17 7:17 PM EST: Today and tomorrow are an unusual first couple of days of Autumn, which also can't decide whether or not it prefers answering to Fall. I typically say Fall rather than Autumn. But today in North Michigan the temps reached 87F and is forecast to be 90F tomorrow, with a string of 80+ degree days until next Wednesday when it settles back into the norms of 60's. Reds, yellows and oranges are beginning to show up too.

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The Patriots! George Washington and Benjamin Franklin!

9-27-17 5:41 PM EST: Good evening, friends. Our short lived heat wave has dissipated and temps dropped today while winds picked up. Fall made a visit and some resolute leaves were snatched and grounded. It'll be about 45F tonight with mid to low 60's for the next few days until we have another brief, and probably final, foray into the 70's.

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