I Love Momma and She Loves Me

My precious Momma (still very much alive) was the pianist at most every church I ever attended growing up. She was good at sight reading. It didn't matter what the hymn number was or whether she'd played that particular one in years, or ever for that matter. There were hundreds of hymns in that thick hymnal.

Sometimes at our Southern Baptist church we would have what we called "Sings", where that was the full service with just a very brief message from the pastor. This was music director, sing what you want to sing time, and different members of the congregation would raise their hands, the music director would call on them, and they'd call out a hymn number, and everyone would flip through the hymnal to it, especially Momma, because she had to launch right into it on the ivories with her loving little hands.

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Friday Night Poljunkie: "Signs"

It’s hard to believe I’m middle aged because I still feel 17. It’s absolutely true. I can’t or just don’t want to shake some of my teenage personality from my heart. Maybe I never will.

Even now, I play my music way too loud. Most mornings I scour the Internet for concert announcements. I also collect music memorabilia, and if it were up to me, we’d still be using glass bricks and two by fours for our shelving. Housing thousands of vinyl albums rather than listening to digital music on a regular basis. When I go to the market I use an ipod with a speaker. I don’t play the music loud while in the store, but I don’t wear earphones either.

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FBI Investigating Bundy Supporters

We all remember the stand-off between the Bundy supporters and the BLM agents. Now Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillispie is among the first of those already interviewed regarding the situation and allegations that some of the Bundy supporters were pointing guns at police officers and federal agents.

You know how this is going to go down. Someone is going to have to be charged. There's no doubt the FBI will be pouring over pictures and videos etc. in order to single out some of those folks.

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Good Clean Fun

Tim Hawkins is my new favorite comedian! I just stumbled across a video from him and haven't been able to stop watching him. Christian comedy with a little kick...really made my day, I hope you all enjoy it too.


As a past home school mom and future home school grandma I really got a kick out of the "Home School Blues", especially the line about mom talking to herself.

Enjoy friends :-)


Bonus video added as a great intro to "Music Fridays with Poljunkie". She is so cool. So is this guy. Watch:


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Science and the Heebie Jeebies

How would you like to be chased by this little cutie, he said with a shudder, one heebie and two jeebies. It seems this relatively new breed of spider discovered in the Morrocan desert a few years ago is the only known arachnid which can do what this one does. It cartwheels or handsprings to effectively double it's speed. It aids it in escaping predators they say.

One engineer was inspired enough by it to design a rover he thinks could do well traversing the surface of mars. yeah, but can that contraption spin a web? Probably not. Check out the video below.

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