Take a Load Off: Mark Lowry

I love Mark Lowry. He was a staple in our young Christian couples group many years ago. It is really important to remember that Christians can be funny, and usually are, after all we know who wins.

Not only is Mark a comedian, he's a great singer and songwriter. I hope you all enjoy this and will check out more of his stuff.

You who know The Brewster also know that he will debate an evolutionist and/or atheist "till the last dog dies", and usually it isn't he :-)


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Friday Night PolJunkie: "Summer Breeze"

When I was growing up, my Dad owned a 5 &10. After leaving the Army at the end of World War II, he opened it in the late 40’s. Most days he worked 18 hours. Aside from a few holidays when he would close up shop, he was there every day. There was not a lot of opportunity (or money) for vacations. But we still managed to have plenty of good times. Over the years, and as the store grew, he recruited from the neighborhood, a small group of dedicated employees that he held faith in, and began taking a few days off. Dad passed away two years ago, and although I miss him dearly, thankfully I have memories to hold in my heart, along with some much loved songs that remind me of these occasions.

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Speech Freedom For Me, You Shut Up!

Did you say something you ought not, according to some? Fired. Did you contribute to a cause not deemed popular or tolerant? Fired. Were your private musings or off the cuff conversations recorded? Ooops, banned for life. Are you a conservative? Automatic racist. Tea Party member? Wacky racist. Strict constructionist? Domestic Terrorist. Want your federal government to reign itself in and get back into it's constitutionally prescribed cage? All of the above.

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This is So Zo!

And now without further ado, we present Zonation. Zo has a few carefully chosen words about racism, rushing to judgement, and putting the Bundy boondoggle into perfect perspective. 

BrewMistress tells me the real meat comes in a little after the four minute mark. Until then Zo's comparing the edited versus the non-edited version of the video/audio in question which was released. 

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Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor

Paul Harvey has long been loved by conservatives in America. He had such a warm, heartfelt tone and demeanor. Listening to the show "The Rest of the Story", I always felt like I got just that. Harvey was a great storyteller and could effortlessly convey his strong conservative message.

In the video we've posted here, Mr. Harvey is talking about the great sacrifice the signers of the Declaration of Independence knew they were making. It made me think about how incredibly lucky we are that these great men came before us.

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