5-year-old tells her parents, "Lunch lady said I can’t pray"

Is this that part of the First Amendment where it says, "...free exercise thereof"? I don't think it is. I do think it's high time that teachers, congressman and women, and government appointees, be required to at least learn The Bill of Rights, so they can begin to put them into practice as they perform their each and several duties. If there are some words within they still don't understand. They need to look them up.
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Now And Then

Jimmy Stewart’s doing his thing again, in one of those quintessentially American, old Westerns. Made back in the good ole days, when modern movies actually showed, and with respect mind ya’, people in church…humble, thankful, with heavenly-bound, expressions of grace right before family meals too…themes of honesty, eternal truths, good versus evil, the good side almost always triumphant, unless a variation on the theme had even deeper goodness to reveal. Those ever-endearing qualities America treasured.

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