Friday Night Music With Poljunkie: Life's Been Good

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering”. (Bruce Lee) 

I am a serious person. I take everything in earnest. I am definitely type A. I wasn’t always that way. Up until my early 20’s I was a typical low- key California girl. But something changed when I finished college. I became super organized, solutions driven, well prepared, and began trying to do everything right the first time. I guess I...gasp…matured.

I stubbornly manage my diet and fitness routines, I carefully maintain our house, and we pretty much attempt to stick to a budget. When my Dad said to save for a rainy day, I thought he meant it.

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American Heritage Girls

News schmews! For a brief moment take a break, put on your happy face if it's not already on, lift it out of that once upon a time trunk if you have to, and check this out. Christians are doing their own thing all over this country. I have truly enjoyed the last hour or so looking into this. Have previously looked into the same for boys, and today more thoroughly for girls, and the parents of both which so many of us are. Read and watch.

You'll enjoy it :-)


The American Heritage Girls scouting organization has scored a key breakthrough in the culture wars by signing a partnership agreement with one of the nation’s largest Protestant denominations.

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Meteor Shower Tonight: Comet Linear's Debris Field

Tonight and early tomorrow morning Earth will be passing through the debris field of comet 209P/LINEAR. This shower is also being called a meteor storm by some astronomers and could rival any you've ever witnessed. The debris field from this comet is about 1.2 million miles wide, and some of these could strike the moon as well as the Earth if they are able to make it through our atmosphere.

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USCU Making Constitutional Sense: No Way! Way!

It's not so much that conservatives might be happy that the Center for Women and Gender Studies is closing, what we are happy about is the discontinuation of a useless center teaching useless garbage to brains full of useless mush. They don't need more useless mush mishing and mashing around in there. Besides, what can one do with a degree in women's and gender studies? Teach other women how to depise men? Maybe some of you women out there can share what you think of the articles and announcements below.

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Thousands of Toddlers Drugged!

I see and read a lot of news and honestly am not shocked by much anymore. This story brought more emotions on in me than almost any story I have ever read.

I have 3 grown children and 2 beautiful grand daughters. I can not even fathom the thought of drugging any of them like this. Not only do I have three children of my own, I spent a lot of time working in daycare centers when my children were young and am only one college course short of having a Child Development degree.

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