Holocaust Memorial Day 2014

We want to remember the Holocaust with profound sadness and stern resolve, along with the Jewish people, in Israel and around the world. Those slaughtered in the name of evil, socialism, totalitarianism, and the maniacal hatred directed at an entire race of people. I've heard it said that a full third of the Jewish people lost their lives during the Holocaust.

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This is So Zo!

And now without further ado, we present Zonation. Zo has a few carefully chosen words about racism, rushing to judgement, and putting the Bundy boondoggle into perfect perspective. 

BrewMistress tells me the real meat comes in a little after the four minute mark. Until then Zo's comparing the edited versus the non-edited version of the video/audio in question which was released. 

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The Story of God Bless America

It's not Independence Day, not Flag Day, it's not a holiday- but why do we seem to only celebrate America on certain days, when we ought to celebrate our country every day?

I have a friend who sends me cool things in e mail all the time, sometimes just trivia, or jokes, sometimes historical photos from the World Wars, videos and other interesting things. I don't always have time to look at them, so I save them in my e mail for another time when I can read or watch without interruptions because I know it's going to be something special. Many times, although I feel bad for not reading or watching right away, when I do have a chance to open the mail, it's something that comes at just the right time. A laugh when I need one, a boost of inspiration, or sometimes just a really cool and needed diversion from political stuff.

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I know it’s only Rock and Roll…Poljunkie: Friday Nights

Music has kept me sane. Held us close as a family, made us joyful and yes from time allowed me to exclaim "damn right I have the blues." For as long as I can remember I've been putting together the soundtrack to my life. Call me old, but I’ve been recording a really good mix tape "Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life." I enjoy live music because a concert is roughly a two hour respite from reality. The lights go down, musicians take the stage, and for a time I allow myself to be wrapped in pure unadulterated contentment. Aside from climbing, it is one of my few escapes.

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Tim Allen Calls California A Socialist State: Truth

I've always loved me some Tim Allen ever since he burst onto the scene, first with his stand-up comedy, then with his long running hit show "Home Improvement", where the scene was Michigan. That's where we live.

In fact, I have a "Binford Tools" t-shirt which I was wearing just yesterday while blogging away. This first bit by he and Jimmy Kimmel almost makes me want to pull it out of the hamper and put it back on.

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