1-12-18 8:00 PM EST: How does one begin to write about a collection that is not finite or officially compiled? Those catchy tunes collectively crafted, shaped and shared by America and it's people. Many from musicals, the theater, victrolas, and early radio. Sheet music played in home parlors on pianos, with family and friends gathered around singing them.


There is no concensus agreement on which songs belong in what we may call the Great American Songbook, but there are some writers who have certainly contributed to that collection most people might include. Writers like Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, George and Ira Gershwin, among so many others. But we know an American Classic when we hear one. Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr still sing them today. Lots of singers have recorded albums filled with these old songs. Rod Stewart is one of those.


Many of these songs are ones your parents and grandparents would have listened to repeatedly, and depending on your household growing up, perhaps you too. But just growing up in America, surely you know of and have heard so many of these songs during your life so far. They have staying power, and so are still recorded and rerecorded. They are at once both old and new again, but some stay latched, fairly securely, to certain performers, and you can list a few of those for sure.


Many consider that the Great American Songbook trailed off when Rock and Roll was just beginning. I don't know about that, but so many of them took root and bloomed before the mid-50's and 60's. The coming together of the 40's, and the pulling apart of the 60's. Both periods set in times of war, though very differently perceived and thus set to music and lyric.


Which more modern songs might you consider adding to that great American collection? Which standards stand tall and forever etched? Let's play some of those. Maybe many of our loved ones who've passed will be able to hear and tap their feet where they now are. Writers may recall penning magical words too, with playful, meaningful notes, rhymes, and rhythm. Oldies but goodies, that inspired tapping footies.




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