1-5-18 6:00 PM EST: About 526 years ago Shakespeare penned these words in the historical play, Richard III, who served as King for only two years, till he was slain in the Battle of Bosworth Field:

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York
And all the clouds that lour'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.


High-minded reportoire, indeed. I possess nonesuch, but alas, acknowledge some discontent this Winter. This cold white to gray, with occasional blue overspread.

The most festive season has passed, and I've heard that January 15th is the most depressing day of the year. Perhaps that makes some sense. It began with Thanksgiving. The grand march and triumphant entrance of Christmas, all culminating with a New Year. Last year's hoorah, and a farewell, adieu. A what's up(?) to what's new? A here we go again, and we'll see what is new. I'll say it like this:

Another test, another time
Another chance, another climb
One more day to see the sun
To not lay down, but get things done

To look beyond with eyes that fill
Take many steps, see further still
Dream through each night to find that day
Is this the one(?) perhaps it may

And when that white, and gray, and blue
Give way to green, and yellow too
We'll see some red, such color schemes
And know today's not all it seems

Today we saddle, mount, and ride
We gallop forth, refuse to hide
We will not trot nor turn around
We sense the win, and hear it's sound

So now we fight, with sword and spear
There is no doubt, nor partnered fear
This victory's won, we've seized this day
For Heaven knows no other way


Yes, we've been through some stuff, and so have you. I wrote that for me, Mrs Brew, and you.

Didn't think I could make it out of the driveway today and knew we needed some snow plowing. Mrs Brew found a local ad on Facebook from a guy with a snowblade on the front of his 4-wheel drive Truck. The offer was this: Free snow plowing for disabled folks who can't afford to pay.

I called him and he answered. Briefly told him our current dilemma, and he asked where we lived. Said, he was on our road already, and would be here in "a couple of minutes". He was. Maybe 4 minutes. I said on the phone that I wanted to pay something. He said, "Ok, we'll talk about it". When finished, he came to the door. I had a $20.00 bill and asked if it was enough. He said, "Oh, that's more than enough". So counting the call and a clean driveway took a total of about 20 minutes. The temperature outside? A windy negative 3, and I couldn't help but notice, he looked an awful lot like me. Sorry, still in a rhyming mood :-)

Monday morning at 7:45 I am facing having all of my teeth and a protruding bone removed from the roof of my mouth, all at once. Admittedly, the prospect seems scary. Not sure how it will feel when I awake. Am very much looking forward to Tuesday though, and Mrs Brew is already planning all of the different things she can prepare to accommodate. What will I say to you? Want it to be good.

We have so much to be thankful for, as do you. Much to be prayerful about too. But we meet each day, each test a challenge. We slay fear, and doubt and cast them aside... "And it came to pass"...not to stay, but to pass...like 2017, and that last personal/family problem we all made it straight through. You too? I know ♥


Not sure what type of music this thread denotes or inspires, if any at all. Just seems to me that hopefulness is in it. Trials and triumph too. Optimism, faith, and persistence. Beating the odds of mirage. Getting up after falls...and seeing color when all covered up.



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