12-30-17 5:20 PM EST: Only one more day in 2017. Hmm, what to do with it. I've been hearing many really good things about a new movie that's out, called "The Greatest Showman". Scott Ott of "The Right Angle" is very high on the film. Says Hollywood still knows how to make really good movies, and those are the kind you can take your entire family to. That makes me want to see it.


Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron star in it, along with others. Singing, dancing, inspiration, and the music is supposed to be excellent. Scott Ott says each song in the soundtrack could be a major hit on it's own. I'm definitely going to have to see it. From watching trailers, it looks to be the story of PT Barnum, and "The Greatest Show on Earth". Yes, that same enterprise that put on their very last show this year.

Here are the Right Angle Guys discussing the film, and Hollywood in general.

And here is a trailer.


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