12-29-17 8:00 PM EST: This is the last Friday Night Music of 2017, so with the sky fairly blue and the sun shining bright, I went down to the shore of Thunder Bay for a little while. At 15F it was much warmer than it's been the last few days. I can't hit the camera shutter button while wearing my thick gloves though so had to leave those in the car. Brrr!

Old things end and new things begin. 2017 ends, and 2018 begins. Back in the late 60's and early '70's, a year called either 2017 or 2018 seemed eons away, but it may as well be just a few inches on a ruler the way that time raced by. Oh it took 40+ years for sure, but just like those ruler inches, I can glance at those years and see them all at once. The future doesn't work like that. The author of Christmas seems to love a surprise, and all days are like presents we unwrap one by one. Today's and yesterday's gifts we see 20/20, but tomorrow's another surprise.

The following picture is what we call the "Ice Tree" up here. There's even a little sign that says that, but the title sign is back near the sidewalk, as is the "Welcome to Alpena...A Friendly Port" sign. Both of those are behind me in this photo, and the bay is just beyond those trees and picnic shelter. In the Summer it's a fountain. You probably guessed that.  We're proud of what our weather does to water.


Here is a fish shanty, and there's probably a little heater in it too. The guys also drilled a hole away from it. See 'em? They brought all sorts of stuff out there.


Here's another picture of them. That little thing to the right of them looks like a baby seal to me, and on the other side of that walkway with the blue railing is Thunder Bay, Lake Huron. This is part of the marina, and I figured there would be at least one ice fisher out there :-)


On this side of the marina where boats park all Summer, there are several pumps in the water, presumably to keep the water around the wooden supports there from freezing hard and breaking them. You can see and hear that in this short video I snagged.

A screenshot from that video.








Ok, here's a much warmer picture. His name is Gideon and I'm his Grand Dad :-)


Everyone I know or am related to had a birthday in 2017, except leap year peeps, and I don't know any of those, but figure they celebrated too, in very early March.

Out with the old and in with the new. Days turn like pages but each is locked until it's time. Only God knows tomorrow, and He invented today. He flung every star, and can call them by name. Sometimes we twinkle, and He knows how we do. He surely knows all our names, and I think He likes to hear His too. When we pray, we say it in various ways. We ask Him and thank Him, and praise Him by name. We read His letters that He put in a book. He even unlocked some future pages, a Revelation. Another beginning.

I like cinnamon toast...ever have that? Used to make that a lot as a kid. You spread soft butter on your bread, then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, cuz cinnamon without sugar be bitter. You bake at about 350F until the white toast turns light brown. The cinnamon, sugar, butter concoction meld into a sweet slightly crusty blend too. Older men can be like that. If you don't believe it, ask one of us...or just observe. We're delicious :-)

So what kinds of music do we play? New ones? Old ones? Is there such a thing as crusty ones? Beginnings and endings. Twice upon a time...The End...and Beginning. I don't know what to play either. Let's figure it out as tonight's page turns :-)

From 1973...Bob Seger...a beloved Michigan man, with "Turn The Page".


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