12-24-17 12:22 PM EST: Oh My! It's Christmas Eve again. We're getting old aren't we(?) except for Loop d' loop. She's still 27, and perhaps may always remain. I sure hope that for her.

Sarrissa/Sarah is more like 39, and holding on like this year's pull-up champ. I speak of beautiful Ladies here with L and S. Permanent radiators that keep everyone near them warm when they'd otherwise be cold. Comforting types are they. Therapeutic, and I know you know what I mean.

And then there's Mr Tin. I love him. He's freakin' 134. OMG. He's critchety, Cratchety, and radiates voracity. He's been here and faithful since day one. Again, I love him. This brief missive probably bothers him, but I don't care. LOVE! :-)

Mr Warp's been here practically forever too. Not sure which is more gnarly betwixt he and Tin, but he's chocolaty for sure, and sends those out. Am eating one of those brownmabobs right now. It easy to touch his heart too, and him have a big one, like Tin does, but don't tell anyone 'bout neither. I think Warp is the baby of the Musketeer bunch here. A loving Jewish Christian, who'd much rather be shooting up a lefty gathering with all manner of pistols and rifles...right beside Mr Tin. You have eyes and ears, and can see how precious these men are :-)

These are the everyday, pretty much without fail, folks...and Mr G.O. be better than your alarm clock on music nights, but never annoying like those dream-interrupting rascals...always a blessing. Always. He reaches deep for the music he posts too, and I love how he introduces most every piece he posts. Would that he were my neighbor and I could sit, walk, and talk with him for just a little while every day.

SoundMind is a precious friend too, and I always love seeing her chime in. So does Loop d' loop, but she loves it when anyone chimes in...cuz she's only 27, and younkers are like that. Come see us more often Sound! We love you :-)

Ok, just want to throw this in here at this particular point. Why? Because I can. Mrs Brew just read that elephants have the same reaction to seeing humans as we do seeing puppies. Apparently they think we're cute. I think I'm part elephant, cuz I think we're cute too :-)

For Heaven's sake Brew! Shut up and show us some snow pics! Really? OK!




You can discern fromk the above pic perhaps, that I have more weight on my right foot than left. Those left foot shoe laces are a bit more loose too. Why? Cuz I'm dyin' over here, Silly! All of these pics were taken today. It was 13 wonderful degrees out there ♥




I couldn't get Sunny to shine so bright today, but the Son be burning me up. Be consumed by Him, dear friends. It's OK :-)


Hey Brewoowoowoowoo! Are these all from your yard? Yes! I didn't want to go anywhere. I'm crippled! :-)










My Momma bought me this about 25 years ago. Mommas shouldn't have to do that when their Sons are 30. Why do I still have this? Guess! Come see me in 25 more years. I will still have it ♥


Ok, let's go back inside. I can't show you that cuz the kitchen be a mess. Can't shovel any snow either. I. Love. You.


But wait a second! Back when we had some money, we used to always pick out some family and give them some money. Today we received a crisp $100.00 bill inside a Christmas card and we have no idea who it came from, but the postmark is from Michigan. Whoever you are, Thank you! We needed that.


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