12-13-17 6:50 PM EST: Good evening. We have today's big political news on the previous thread including Trey Gowdy spelling out the problem with the FBI, DOJ, and Mueller's investigation. I put that video in the comments section.

This evening I want to play a couple of classic Andy Griffith episodes we all grew up with, along with the short ending of one of their Christmas episodes.


I'll be in and out until 9 PM. That's when my Wednesday night shows come on: Vikings, and Knightfall (about the Knights Templar) both on the History Channel.

A special note: Please say an extra earnest prayer tonight for our precious friend, Virginia Gentleman, as it appears his heart may be ready to completely give out. Several of us have known, loved, and very much enjoyed him for many years. I'm confident that whether he spends this Christmas in his earthly home or Heavenly home, he'll be most happy and satisfied indeed, but his family and friends will surely miss him. From what I know of him, his heart has been "giving out" his entire life, and I think you know what I mean by that. It's been giving out love...receiving much too.




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