12-1-17 8:00 PM EST: Remember all that music you used to hear growing up with your parents and siblings around? Remember some of those songs you used to sing either to, or right along with them? Some of those simply said what you wanted to say to one of them at the moment, like..."If you want it, here it is, come and get it", or "You can't always get what you want". Those particular two sets of lyrics express opposing thoughts, don't they?


What if you lived in one of the Carolinas, went on a trip with your family, and on your return trip as you once again neared that Carolina border, you all burst into song in unison with Neil Diamond and the car radio? "Sweet Caroline...bah, bah, bah...good times never seemed so good". Yep. I remember much communication with music.

There were many songs about family itself too. Songs about Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters, and though I can't think of any at the moment, cousins...sons and daughters, husbands and wives too. Those special songs that make you think about members of your family, for whatever reason. That special song you and your spouse call, "our song".

Songs your parents didn't like. Songs your siblings liked that made you want to "ralph". Songs the radio ran ragged, you knew you'd heard enough of for a lifetime. Songs you heard a lot with your family that transport you back. Magical musical time machines.


"This song reminds me of my oldest brother". "This song reminds me of my only sister". "I can't help but think of my Mom or Dad each time this song plays". "When we we were first dating, this song struck many chords with us". Know what I mean? Make those connections however you can. State those connections if you please, so others understand. Consider all the angles and relate them back to family.


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