11-30-17 5:47 PM EST: Have been waiting for the lighting of the National Christmas Tree and did catch that, but right after it was lit by Melania Trump, the WhiteHouse.gov video feed switched off and flashed a "will resume shortly" thingamabob, which you can see at the end of that very short video.


I hope it does resume. There should be an entire prgram of music and such. If it does resume, I'll be sure to catch and record it. Until then though, I have two programs you can watch and/or listen too whenever you'd like. The first one (after the Christmas tree lighting) is another Fibber McGee and Molly radio program from the 1943 Christmas season, loaded with more great one liners and loads of alliteration.


And a Daniel Boone Christmas episode.

Mrs and Mrs Trump came back to the podium and President Trump gave a very nice, albeit brief, Christmas speech.

24/7 Christmas music from CBN. Click Here.


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