11-3-17 8:00 PM EST: Today was cold, windy, cloudy, and I was going to set up my camera on a tripod in the yard for a little while so you could see and hear it raining leaves, most of which are yellow and brown now, but still quite a few on the trees. We can still see little bits of grass sticking up through some of those who've been grounded, so the falling is not nearly complete. Didn't do that filming though.


It's about 3:30 PM now, the wind has stopped, and the sky is blue. I am not. I feel pretty good, even though my foot is still numb and I can't walk very far. The chiropractors and the physical therapy folks actions have not helped one bit. I do like the hands on attention though, and today was my 4th PT session. They used therapeutic ultrasound on me this time in addition to the other pulling, pushing and such, but not directly on those wascally discs. They used it on either side of the spine to relax the muscles with the deep heat it generates. Result? Nothing. I suppose I must go through all of the attempts until they realize I need back surgery.

I think my feel good is an attitude thing. Our YouTube channel is getting more subscibers every day, and the income from it is improving. Our lake house will be sold for less than a song Monday afternoon, so we will take Trucky and remove those things we want to keep tomorrow. One of my friends will bring his truck too and help us. He helped me get stuff out of my fishing cabin last year before I sold that.

Though we are not getting anywhere near what we have in it, what we will get will help us make it through one more Northern Michigan Winter, and we will be able to keep the county tax folks from taking the house we live in. This house is debt free, and I suppose, all we really need. Our vehicles have always been debt free, however, there are still property taxes and insurance fees to pay every year. It would truly be nice if you could pay off something and not incur any more "have to" payments of any kind. Alas, all those those 'have to' payments 'have to' keep being made.


Today seems a good day to count my blessings and realize how many there are. I am not dying. I am living...with my forever girl...and she is hanging on in...until the end. That's a very good feeling. I also feel like my 3 kids have partners that will hang in with them too. How nice is that?

I've never gone hungry a single day in my life, unless I did so on purpose. I've also been saved from many close calls. I know God loves me, and feel that He likes me too. He just marches me to the end of the gang plank sometimes, then snatches me midair before I hit the water...every time. If He's listening, and I know He is. I would like for Him to know that I could do without all that plank walking, even though some of it is my fault.

I will be in and out this evening because one of my time consuming jobs is to record videos that folks can watch whenever they're ready. Just have to stay alert for that and try to pick the right ones. Tonight there should be several good ones to pick.


So let's play happy songs this evening if you please. Songs you can tell people wrote and/or performed because when they wrote or chose them, they were in a good place. A place of contentment, even as storms rage all around.


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