10-29-17 6:30 PM EST: No, really...that's how they spell it. Three M's in the munchy. I think it means both Mmm, as in good, as well as munchy, don't you?

It's about 38 miles from here a little west of Rogers City. Rogers City is due North up the Lake Huron coast from Alpena. About 14 miles outside of Alpena along the way, I heard some rumbling, and I'm way off the center line rumble strip. What's the deal? It's Trucky's left front tire having a blowout. We're thankful it didn't make us crash into oncoming traffic too. I held it steady, said, Oh crap!...and pulled onto the shoulder. Sure enough, it's toast. By the time I stopped safely, it had three large rips in it.

I called George at Georgie's Towing Service in Alpena. He's done various things for us over the past 16 years. A couple dozen different things I'd say. He also owns a tree service company and has removed trees, trimmed trees back, even removed large branches from a mighty oak tree that we thought might possibly fall on the roof out at the lake. Heck, he even removed all the leaves from our yard here once, front and back, when I was just overwhelmed by them all.

He arrived on scene in about 40 minutes. Here, let me show you that...first the flat.




That's not George, but his young helper. The tread on these tires are quite good, it's just that they are also quite old. I bought this truck 10 years ago, and these are the tires it had on it then.

Here's the thing. He brought a used tire with him, already mounted on a wheel, and all aired up. He used the tow truck to jack up the front and changed the tires out. Gave me two options. He could mount that tire and I could be on my way, or he could tow us back to our house as is...same price either way $140.00. I took the tire, and we continued our journey to the apple place.






Many of these trees are still loaded. They are short too, on purpose, so they can be picked without a ladder.


Row after row, labeled with the varied variety of apples they grow.

There are many picnic tables out there, animals too.












As soon as we walked into the "tasting room" which was rather crowded, we saw our dairy farmer friends, Irving and Susanne in there. They went there straight from church and were waiting for their pizza from the special brick ovens they have. We chatted for a while, a bit surprised by the coincidence. I haven't been to this place in about 4 years. When their pizza arrived, Mrs Brew and I went and sat in the living room furniture in the corner and ordered a pint each of two different flavors of hard apple cider. Neither of us can remember the names of them, but one looked like white wine, the other like red. We switched back and forth till each clear plastic 'glass' was over half exhausted, then mixed the two together. That was good too.

In the meantime, our farmer friends came on over and we jabbered for another half hour or so. Very nice. Irving had two bulging discs like I have now a few years ago. He said he wasted time doing what I'm now doing, and finally had back surgery to cut out the bulges. His advice to me was to try and go straight to the surgery. So I will suggest that to my main physician.

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