10-29-17 10:00 AM EST: Alpena, Michigan. Approximately 8:04 when we begin clicking camera shutters. Mrs Brew with her Nikon and I with my Sony. 33 F. Very little wind, and that was a good thing. I could already feel the cold knocking on the doors of my bones.

Shirt, sweatshirt, wool hat, hoody pulled up over the hat...no gloves, because how can you snap a little shutter button with gloves? You can't, at least not with the gloves I have. Need some ultra skinny gloves that still provide warmth. Mrs Brew typically doesn't do hats, so her ears were turning pink.

After the sun was up over the horizon, I skinnied through the railing down on the rocks by the water to grab a significant piece of driftwood. More of God's art we can hold in our hand. It'll make for a nice Welcome sign when Mrs Brew gets done with it.

Ok, let's get on with it. Will show these pictures in the order they were taken...In the first one, the rays of the rising sun begin to release mist from the surface of the water.

Sunrise10 29 17a

Down below the long walkway are the rocks, and Lake Huron is splashing right up against them.

Sunrise10 29 17b

A lone fisherman going out as Sunny comes up, perhaps for the last time this year...the fisherman that is. Sunny will probably soldier on.

Sunrise10 29 17c

Here comes Sunny!

Sunrise10 29 17d

Oh my!

Sunrise10 29 17e


Sunrise10 29 17f

Time to get back in the warm truck, go home, and snag some breakfast.

Sunrise10 29 17g

Did I say "truck"? I mean, Trucky, who wanted to make a cameo appearance and say hi. As Sunny hits her, you can see her imperfections below the door and right by her bumper. We're both like that, she and I. Will show what Mrs Brew says is her favorite picture from the ones she took, a little later. Will also take a picture of that piece of driftwood I climbed down on the rocks to retrieve, and show that too.

Good morning! ♥

Sunrise10 29 17h


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