10-28-17 8:00 PM EST: Good evening boys and ghouls. Howl are you tonight? I'm here for the boos. Here's one for you, Boo!


Have been smelling a fair amount of leaf burning today. In fact I burned some myself, along with a bunch of pine needles, just to help get the fire going to consume all the empty boxes I threw in the fire pit. It's not much of a pit at the moment as it's time to dig it out again.

Just noticed today that another tree out back at the edge of the woods gave up the ghost and fell down. A thirty footer. Didn't feel the need to run up and put a stake through it's heart, as it is so dead it can't even dredge up a round of throat-clearing coffin. "Hey Brew, you said coffin!" I know, little camper, now git, before I feed you to a gargoyle.


Hey, Sunny's trying to break through and I see blue up yonder among the puffies. Yay! That bodes well for tomorrow. Might catch some sunrise pictures. Thinking about going to a popular apple orchard too where they sell all things apple related, including hard cider. They let you sample it before you buy it too. Am wondering how many times they might let me sample it. I could inform them that I'm the superstitious kind and have to sample it seven times before weighing the prudence of purchase :-)


As you know, this is the last Saturday music until the bewitching hour which strikes on Tuesday. So we'd best play songs and such which contain any manner of Halloween related theme, including double entendre. For example, this song by Rod Stewart is called, "The First Cut is the Deepest". Bwahahaha! How spooky is that?

Now check out this title: 'Killing Me Softly" Oh, my!

And finally, two short Halloween greeting vids.



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