10-27-17 8:00 PM EST: Goody goody gumdrops. We're entering that festive time of year, aren't we? Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Kids old and young have already begun thinking about their favorite things related to all three. Hopes for candy treats, dressing up in costumes, and shuffling through the leaves with parents, siblings, and friends. Laughter, tricks, and practical jokes mount, like the level of treats piling in sacks and plastic pumpkins.


We used to get so much candy trick-or-treating within Air Force Base housing. Hundreds of houses close together with a near 100% participation rate. We would usually begin without missing a house as we migrated over to the officer side of the base. The treats were a bit more costly over there. At Myrtle Beach AFB, the enlisted families all lived in fairly large duplexes. In the officer section, there were no duplexes. Each family had their own unattached house. But we got so much candy it would sometimes last till Christmas.

The order of holidays this quarter of the year is interesting and illustrative. We begin with confections, then move on to harvest and bounty from the Earth, wild and tame game included.


Back in those times when a large percentage of American families were farmers, ranchers and such, it was just after harvest when families would see that influx of cash, some of which would be used to buy Christmas gifts soon thereafter.

Today seemed an appropriate kick-off to this time of year up here. The temperature was in the 40's, it has been dark all day due to grey overcast skies, and the wind was whipping around as if trying to strip all the leaves from the trees. That's part of the wind's job in October and the first weeks of November. There was something notably Halloweenish in the air, foreshadowing the coming Winter, when some of us walk on water.


Many folks view these months as their favorites, and that certainly includes kids. One of Mrs Brew's favorite things to do has always been making Thanksgiving dinner for all of us plus a few others. We would applaud as she brought the Turkey to the table, and she'd always be beaming. She knows what a wonderful cook she is, (because we so often reminded) and some equally wonderful consumption would necessarily follow.


Favorite festive times, scenes, and events. Let's play some of our favorite songs too, with open subject matters. If you like it, play it, and we'll consume it, while also storing it, right here. The same goes for any story or memory you'd like to relate.


So go ahead...play that song and spin that tale...from your fondest indelible memories.


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