9-8-17 6:00 PM EST: The prevailing wall to wall news is Irma which last I checked had weakend ever so slightly to a strong category 4 about 2 mph under cat 5 status, but is now heading over open water approaching 90F. In hurricane terms, that's called fuel.


I heard one of those hurricane pilots speaking a few minutes ago who was talking about how well formed and tight this hurricane's eye is. It could very well strengthen or at least maintain. I shudder to think of all the damage this thing could do in Florida, and there's another category 4 hurricane behind it.

So, what subject matter does all this suggest? Certainly wind and rain. All the most important things too, namely life, limb, loved ones, pets...then homes, boats, and automobiles. Can you think of any songs named after any of those? Some are popping into my head right now that fit those categories.

May God have mercy on everyone in the path of these storms, as well as all first and second responders to emergency needs etc., including all the volunteers who so selflessly donate their time and energy to help those in need.

Oh, Stormy!


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